Top make-up artists of Ukraine!

Anna Kravchenko is one of the most famous, successful and demanded top make-up artists of Ukraine. Just within a few years she succeeds to reach significant results in her professional career. Here are a few proofs of her professional achievements.

In 2009 Anna took the honorable 2 place in nomination «Runway make-up» on Ukrainian Eastern Championship in Donetsk. After one year, in 2010, she won in nomination «Creative make-up» on Kiev Cup and took the 3 place in nomination «Creative make-up» on Ukrainian Championship.

In 2014 — new professional achievements: 2 place in nomination «Runway make-up» on Kharkov Cup; 1 place in nomination «Creative make-up», 2 place in nomination «Runway make-up» and 3 place in nomination «Fantasy make-up» on International Championship «Nevskie berega» in Saint-Petersburg, as well as 1 place in nomination «Runway make-up», 2 place in nomination «Fantasy make-up», 3 place in nomination «Creative make-up», 3 place according to total points on «Olympic Make-up Games» in Saint-Petersburg.

2006 was also a successful year: 2 place in nomination «Fantasy make-up», 2 place in nomination «Runway make-up», 2 place according to total points on International Make-up Championship «Nevskie berega» in Saint-Petersburg; 2 team place on Make-up Championship in Korea, Seoul.

It is not in Anna Kravchenko’s character to limit herself with one activity or to stop in her professional career. She is a co-founder of the conceptual beauty salon chain «Ruki-Nozhnitsi»:

  • — Beauty-bar "Ruki-Nozhnitsi«(Kyiv, Sportivna square 1-a, «Gulliver» shopping mall, 2 floor);
  • — Beauty salon «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» (Kyiv, Kovpaka st. 4);
  • — Beauty concept «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» (Kyiv, Dragomirova st. 17, Novopecherskie Lipki).

In addition, Anna is the co-founder of the Beauty Salon Business Academy «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» and Chief Editor of «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» beauty magazine.

Recently in her «track order» were added two more prestigious posts: she became the President of International Brow Artists Association and the co-founder of ELAN professional line brand.

Anna has very dedicated, diverse, skilled and creative personality, that’s why, so there are no doubts that she will continue to surprise her colleagues and students!