Professional Brow Artist
Poltava, Ukraine,
June 18, 2018

Professional Brow Artist

  • 1600 UAH – with development
  • 1000 UAH – without working
  • Reservation of places:
  • +380 95 803-15-13
  • Left 5 places
Master clases
Theoretical part:
  • 1. Why is it important to know the structure of the skin and hair?
  • 2. Types of the eyebrow tints and their ingredients.
  • 3. Ingredients of ELAN professional line eyebrow gel tint.
  • 4. Сolour scheme of the eyebrow tinting.
  • 5. «BROW ARTIST» professional standards.
  • 6. Psychological specifics of working with clients.
  • 7. Calculation of brow modeling and tinting service cost and profitability index.
Demonstration: «Brow modeling and tinting using ELAN eyebrow gel tint + NUDE MAKE-UP»
Practical part:

Practice of eyebrow tinting using ELAN eyebrow gel tint on 1 model (up to 10 people on practice!)
*You need to have your brushes, tweezers, scissors, cotton swabs and pads, sanitizer, usual and wet wipes, gloves and container for eyebrow tint mixing.

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